Finally got some time to make a post about the sequel of the story on how I set up the dedicated server at my home. The first part, about the hardware can be checked here.

Of course, selecting and putting hardware together is not enough to have a server running. One may need to make some voodoo magic installing the server software onto a physical machine. That was the next part of my quest.

After assembling the machine – or rather to say along with it – I was reflecting on which of the many operating systems to install. Since I have had immense plans on trying every server (that arouse interest) possible, the main question was:

linuxvswindowsbgIt was decided to reserve my new Desktop machine for Linux and have a Windows server installed on my old Asus Seashell (Eee 1215P) abandoned from the time of my graduation. I wanted to try out Windows server OS starting from the grounds and downloaded a distribution of Windows Server 2003.

ASUS Eee PC 1215PIt is not very demanding, so the capacities of my netbook should have been enough to run server software whose age is more than 10 years. Obviously, I overestimated the Seashell. The OS installation turned into an endless torment. Do you remember how long it took to install Windows XP on a PC? No more than 40 minutes, for me at least. That was not the case. The installation took about 2 days and was not completed after all. Sad story. I had to leave the the “shell” for some time, and even took it to work. Its battery was not in good form by the time of installation, and I needed to have it constantly charged. After getting back to home, I forgot to connect it to power source and it just discharged with “4 minutes” of installation left. My frustration was so great, that I do not have that netbook now: dismantled it to pieces and added the hard drive from the “Shell” to my desktop server. Now it has two. 🙂

Unfortunately, the attempt to install a Windows Server 2003 on the desktop also failed. Apparently, the purchased hardware was too modern for an old server software like this. Each time I tried to install a Server OS, it showed me a BSOD. Therefore, I decided not to take out a huge tambourine and postpone Windows servers for a better time. I guess, installing Windows 2003 server on a virtual machine will be quite reasonable a bit later.

Abandoning the idea of Windows led me to straight to Linux, and to another choice:


Decided to go with the latter. First of all, I already had Ubuntu installed on the ‘Seashell’. And I always wanted to try the certificate installation on Ubuntu due to the different location of configuration files. Between Desktop and Server versions, I preferred server one. Basically, they differ with the presence/absence of GUI. After all, one of my primary aims was getting in touch with command line interface.

Ubuntu Server 15.04 was downloaded from (at the moment the latest version is 15.10 – my Ubuntu has successfully updated itself when it was released) and the image was written to USB drive.

The installation process was quite easy and fast, so I shall not get into details. The installation process can be checked here. All one needs to do is press several buttons and installer will configure everything.

The only distinguishing point I wanted to pay attention to is the opportunity to install additional server packages, like mail servers, openssh server, Apache, DNS, Tomcat servers right from the installer (just in case installed all mentioned above).

ubuntu_server_1204_24So far, so good. DNS server, SSH and Apache are working. The others are on the way (I suspect mail server will be a real challenge).

A couple of weeks of stable work made me happy with the choices I made. I still have not tried out most of features or tweaks and currently on the go with learning basic console commands and programs. So, wish me luck!