I have never tried writing any reviews on anything apart books. But since recently I got to purchasing so much techno-stuff that decided to drop some words about a computer mouse.

Not long ago I decided to buy a new one. The old one, A4-Tech X7 cannot say which model exactly, raven black, served me faithfully for 5 years. And would have served more, if it were not for uncomfortable position the mouse had on the desk which made the wire get frayed in some places (causing the mouse to black out from time to time for several secs). Not good!

So, I opened a browser and typed in elmir.ua in URL bar. Really adore this e-shop, I have a long history with it. And a partner pricing since the time I purchased a new LED Samsung TV with them (but that’s a story for another time). Elmir supplied me with a bunch of useful and trustworthy technical things. Apart from mouse and TV-set, I have a server-desktop assembled from the hardware ordered with them (may be a little bit of advertising here).

The choice was not easy, but surprisingly quick. Definitely, I did not wanted some monstrous gaming mouse that looks like a transformer in your hand. And of course, not something too simple with just two buttons and a wheel. The brand was also a criterion, but not a priority. Wanted something of Genius or Logitech.

But, as a result ended up with A4-Tech… again. Someone told me that their mouses are not reliable anymore and the reliability depends on whether a mouse was assembled in Russia or China (with “Russia = not lucky”). But, I never had any issues with A4 and both I had were labeled with proud ‘Made in China’.

So, meet A4-Tech XL-750BK-R Red Laser USB:


It’s awesome.. loved it from first sight. As it is clear from the name, it is laser (the previous one was optical). Two extra-buttons on the left side of it that serve as ‘Back’ and ‘Forward’ buttons for browsers, double-click button at the right corner of the left mouse-button, button for changing DPI. The conductor is isolated with textile instead of rubber, which made me more secure about fraying over the corners of the table. Very pleasant to hold in hand. And the flames design – definitely good!

Would recommend it to anyone, especially for gaming purposes.

Hope it will server me for at least another five long years!