In the past, I could not imagine I would ever start a blog; actually, still do not believe I am doing it. I always though that it was some sort of special ritual only the chosen ones could do. So to say, never believed I had some special qualities for it. Reckoned that if someone gave me a blog post to write, I would not squeeze a single abstract. Moreover, there was not really anything interesting going on in my life so that I need to note it on the piece of a webpage.

Well, time’s changing. After trying my chances with a couple of posts at work, and after writing a pretty bunch of Knowledgebase articles for Namecheap, I decided to “unlock this blogging achievement”. Not that I can say my life became more eventful, just there is now some more information that I wanted to be somewhere in the web in public access.

Besides, Namecheap has provided me with all necessary stuff needed to create a full-scale website (not advertising at all). As the platform for building the website I used an old well-known WordPress (not advertising here as well). It is quite popular and it allows to customize your website using a great variety of themes and tools. Since it is intended just as a blog, there was not much I needed: installed WP, chose some simple theme, added favicon and now I am ready to work.

And here comes my first post here.So let us see: what will this blog be about. As it can be seen from the title, it will be mostly about SSL certificates. Mostly of course, there will be some posts dedicated to various servers, their work, integration of SSL certificates to them; and perhaps more personal posts related to the technical thematic only indirectly.

To be frank, from the first months of work in Namecheap, I did not like SSL section of the website knowledgebase at all. There was really not very much articles: some were confusing, some were dated, the section about installation of SSL certificates to the various servers was absent at all. So it became my secret idea to create some resource that could contain some more detailed information about this. That is how got registered. It became an obsession to create some database with the useful articles, mostly related to CSR generation and SSL installation of certificates to various servers. I wanted something simple, so decided to use merely HTML for it. There was some practice with it, and the results of this practice can still be seen on the index page of the website. As you see, there was not much progress with it and the project is on hold now. Time went by, Namecheap SSL EKB section became more and more rich with articles (will not deny, I got my hand on it as well), and the obsession became less and less obsessive. While the desire to everything by own hands grew bigger. That made me compile my own home-server (later about this) for own practice.

I cannot say I was ready enough to have own server. There is still much to learn, and I will learn along with filling up this blog with some useful info.

So my plan is quite ambitious: create three full-scale resources dedicated to SSL certificates:

  • This blog will be a sort of passing my knowledge to future generations of SSL support team in regards of the SSL technical knowledge and handling third-party installations. Some interesting articles, useful tweaks, blocks of information dedicated to severs and control panels.
  • As soon as I get down to advanced learning of HTML, I hope I will find time to structure some most useful articles and transfer them to that project.
  • is another quite ambitious idea. I see it to be another site on WordPress, but merely about some innovations in SSL certificates, something that resembles Google security blog. Do not expect it to be up soon.

May be in a year, you’ll see them all up. But those are just plans. We’ll see.

I’ll keep in touch…